Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Homecoming 2016

Mizzou plays host to one of the oldest and largest Homecomings in the country.  While other schools had informal Homecomings of sorts, it was not until Mizzou's 1911 football game against KU that the athletic director asked all alumni to "come home" and Homecoming, as we know it, was born.

Homecoming Through the Decades Exhibit in the Traditions Lounge on the second floor of the MU Student Center

While Homecoming at Mizzou has changed over the years, there are certain traditions that still hold strong.

 Alumni Come Back

Every year alumni come back to take part in the activities of Homecoming.
Alumnus and former twirler Warren Bass returned to Mizzou in 1982 to lead the Marching Band at Homecoming. (Missouri Alumnus 1983).

Blood Drive

Mizzou students organize one of the largest blood drives every year during Homecoming events. Greek organizations compete to solicit other Greek members and community members to donate blood.
Student gives blood at the annual blood drive in 2004 (Savitar 2005)

Greektown Decorations

Greek life celebrates Homecoming each year by putting up decorations in Greektown that embody the Homecoming theme.
Phi Gammas, Sigma Nus, and Kappa Sigmas decorate their houses for the 1947 game against Oklahoma (Savitar 1948). 

Homecoming Parade

Every morning of the Homecoming football game, fans, alumni, students, and community members gather downtown to watch marching bands and floats.
The marching band goes past Memorial Union at the Homecoming Parade in 1992 (Savitar 1993).

Homecoming Royalty

A Homecoming King and Queen are selected by the student body every year.

1985 Homecoming Queen and King, Vivian King and Marvin Cobbs, were the first African American pair.


Thousands gather to tailgate and enjoy the home football game.

Mizzou won 27-24 in the 2004 Homecoming game against Iowa State University (Savitar 2005).

Come and learn more about Homecoming traditions by visiting our exhibits on the first floor and in the Traditions Lounge on the second floor of the MU Student Center.  They exhibits will be up through the end of October.

Blog post authored by Lauren DiSalvo, Curator of Public Arts, Missouri Student Unions.