Friday, August 1, 2014

Bingham and Rollins Exhibition returns to the MU Student Center!

Come visit the MU Student Center and check out our current exhibition: James S. Rollins and George Caleb Bingham: A Mizzou Friendship! The exhibition, located in the Main Level on the wall adjacent to the USBank, features two engravings after paintings by George Caleb Bingham, renowned Missouri artist and MU’s first professor of fine arts, in addition to a certificate honoring James S. Rollins, the Father of the University and a close friend of the artist. 


Here’s what the Savitar, Mizzou’s historic yearbook, had to say about these men: 


Savitar 1914

Savitar 1939

To learn more about these University forefathers, please read here.
Authored by Niki Eaton and Sarah Jones, PhD students, Art History and Archaeology