Monday, December 9, 2013

Let it Snow!!! Winter scenes at the University of Missouri - Columbia

The annual exhibition featuring views of MU campus during the chilly winter months is now on display. You can view these wintery scenes, which document 100 years of snow fall and ice storms on campus, both in the Student Center (in the square cases located just outside of Mort's) and in Memorial Union (in the display case inside of Stotler Lounge). Although, with this week's weather you could also just take a stroll around campus! The displays will remain up through the winter break. Here are some highlights:

The 1915 Savitar features "Campus Scenes in Winter - Univ. of MO."

In 1934 Batchelder art students worked together to build this majestic snow tiger.

The 1949 Savitar features photographs of the MU campus veiled in ice and the destructive power of harsh winter weather.

In February 1979 a heavy storm hit Columbia that caused the University to close for the first time in recent memory.

 As these images show, a fresh snowfall transforms the MU campus into a beautiful winter wonderland.

Authored by Sarah Horne, PhD Student in Art History and Archaeology