Monday, January 23, 2012

Dear Friend; Yours Truly, Mizzou

View from East Entrance to Campus, University of Missouri, 1907
"Dear Friend (Miss Sadie Mapes): Am having a good time here this summer. Wish you were here too.--Ida"

Academic hall, University of Missouri, Columbia Missouri, 1910s
 "Mr. Raymond Cox: Quite a wonderful University here. Glad to get back to Jeff City again tomorrow & possibly on to N.Y. See you soon, Harold."

Scene on the Hinkson, University of Missouri, Columbia, 1930
 "Miss Elsie Chester: Helo Elsie. This leaves me feeling fine and dandy. Hope it finds you the same.Your Brother, John Chester."

Read Hall, University of Missouri, Columbia, 1907
 "Miss Vera Barnes: Came here over Sunday with Florence Trotter--great place; will write soon and tell you all about it. Saw a good game yesterday MU. 27-W. 0. Read Hall is where I'm at."
The Campus, University of Missouri, Columbia, 1908
 "Jessie Wilson: Hello! Jesse, I am having a fine time here at grandma's. I hope you are well. Your friend, Gladys."
Law Building, University of Missouri, 1913
"Mr. Harold Garvey: How does this hot weather suit you? I'll tell you it sure is hard on final exams. I just have one more to take.--Allie Neil"

Authored by Niki Eaton, PhD student, Art History and Archaeology