Tuesday, October 11, 2011

100 Years of Homecoming (continued)


1970- Coach Dan Devine left Mizzou, but not until he brought the team back to the Orange Bowl!

1972 Savitar

1971- Homecoming again took on a more serious tone. With many Missouri students increasingly concerned about the war in Vietnam and the events at Kent State, Homecoming festivities were somber, as the Greek community used their house decorations and the parade as a forum for fostering social change and raising funds for charity. Lambda Chi Alpha’s sign read: “Homecoming: Two years ago we built a display, and ignored society’s problems. Last year we painted a sign, to criticize society. This year Greeks are looking at society, and doing something.” 

(November 1971 Missouri Alumnus Courtesy of University Archives) Jill Young is the first African American Homecoming Queen.

1977- A tradition is amended, as the Homecoming Court is changed to consist of a queen and king.

***A quick reminder, the 1911 Homecoming game ball (first Mizzou Homecoming ball EVER) is currently on display at the Student Center!!! We have decided to locate the ball next to the Don Faurot exhibit (in The 'Shack' display case) for easy viewing.Check it out!!!

Authored by Niki Eaton, PhD Student, Art History and Archaeology