Friday, October 7, 2011

100 Years of Homecoming (continued)


1962 Savitar

1960- The new decade dawned and the fans of 1960 were made witness to an extraordinary football season. Under their new coach, Dan Devine, the Missouri team accrued only one loss, won Homecoming against Nebraska, and defeated Kansas to go to the Orange Bowl. Devine’s team was strong throughout the entire decade, which was capped by a 9-1 season in 1969 with a 69-21 win over KU.

(1964 Savitar) “Warren Bass leads the Marching Mizzou during halftime of the Homecoming game.”

1965- Starting with around 9,000 fans in 1911, in 1965 Missouri’s Homecoming attendance was a staggering 58,000.

(1964 Savitar) “Mizzou alums throng to Columbia for Homecoming.”

1966- In a survey of 200 women for an article about Mizzou college coeds published by the Alumnus Magazine, when asked about what they most desired from the upcoming school year, 45% responded that they desired a 4.0 grade point average, while 19% said they would prefer to be Homecoming Queen. Scholarship won the day, albeit more narrowly than one might hope, and this victory reflected women’s growing academic presence on campuses around the nation. 

(1965 Savitar) “The Pom Pom girls made their debut at the Homecoming game.”

Check out our Homecoming Displays!!!

Here at the Student Center we will be celebrating Homecoming in historical style! Thanks to the generosity of the Mizzou Athletics Department we will be displaying the FIRST EVER Mizzou Homecoming football from 1911 as well as a panoramic photograph from the same game! Also, on current exhibit we have the Homecoming decades display as well as a display of Don Faurot memorabilia, including the gameball for the last game coached by Faurot!

Here's a sneak peak (photo credit Emeka Anyanwu):

100 Years of Homecoming
Mizzou Tambourine, 1915

Don Faurot's film projector
Don Faurot: Father of the Field

Authored by Niki Eaton, PhD Student, Art History and Archaeology