Tuesday, October 4, 2011

100 Years of Homecoming (continued)


1950s- Missouri’s Homecoming traditions continued to evolve. The Homecoming-Eve festivities grew and were termed “Romp, Chomp, and Stomp!” (Pep-rally, Barbeque, and Dance). Previously decided by committee and celebrity judges, the Homecoming Queen was now elected by popular vote.

1951- Norman Granz, famous musician and music producer, brought the Jazz at the Philharmonic with celebrated singer, Ella Fitzgerald, to play at the Brewer Field House on Homecoming Night.

1953 Savitar

1956- Don Faurot left Mizzou for the last time. The 1957 Savitar recorded: “The traffic was terrible and Elvis was everywhere, but we’ll never forget. We’ll never forget the weekend we backed into a win as we bid Faurot good-bye.” 

(1957 Savitar Courtesy of University Archives) “A prediction comes true.”

1959- Dan Devine joined the MU coaching staff and began the task of filling Faurot’s rather large shoes.

Authored by Niki Eaton, PhD Student, Art History and Archaeology