Thursday, September 15, 2011

100 Years of Homecoming (continued from previous entry)


1920s- Homecoming traditions began to take shape. Although initially held every other year (on Thanksgiving when KU came to Columbia), in the 1920s Homecoming became an annual event. The evening before was celebrated by an annual pep-rally bonfire where freshmen would burn their caps. The parade on Homecoming morning grew and eventually every department was represented by a float. The “Thundering Thousand” (a freshmen pep club) was created and before every game the group would march in “lock step” from the columns to the stadium. Mizzou fans would wear yellow chrysanthemums as a symbol of clean sportsmanship.

 (1921 Savitar) Tigers beat the Jayhawks.
1921- The University broke ground for the Memorial Union building during the Homecoming events. The Alumnus publication observed: “A strain of reverence was noted throughout the commemoration and reunion that added a leaven of gracious seriousness to the entire convention.” Memorial Tower was later dedicated (Homecoming 1926) to the University of Missouri lives that were lost in The Great War.
 (1922 Savitar) The engineering school put an electric sign on top of the columns.
1923- Chester Brewer returns to Mizzou and is named Director of Athletics. 

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Authored by Niki Eaton, PhD Student, Art History and Archaeology