Thursday, September 29, 2011

100 Years of Homecoming (continued)


1942- Mizzou’s Homecoming activities were scaled-back due to America’s entrance into World War II.  A 1942 edition of Missouri Alumnus reports: “Wartime conditions necessitate a modest celebration…a larger more consequential struggle, involving countless Missourians, will overshadow events of the day.” The events that were still held were used as platforms to raise money for war bonds and the memorial fund for students killed in the war. Like many of the Mizzou athletes he coached, Don Faurot joined the armed forces, serving in the Navy. 

(1943 Savitar Courtesy of University Archives) The ROTC marches at halftime before a sparse, wartime crowd.
1943- Although the game was still played, corresponding Homecoming spirit events were cancelled altogether. The cause of the cancellation, according to the 1943 Missouri Alumnus, was “reasons which are obvious.”

1945- Most nations involved in World War II reached peace agreements and Homecoming resumed with style. The Golden Girls (originally called ‘Tigerettes’) were added to the Marching Mizzou. Upon their formation, the group was comprised of baton-twirlers.

1946- Coach Don Faurot returned to Missouri.

Savitar, 1947

Authored by Niki Eaton, PhD Student, Art History and Archaeology