Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This is the first entry of the Student Unions’ new art blog! As the would-be author of this blog, I thought I should tell you a bit about myself and what I will be writing about. My name is Niki Eaton and I am a doctoral student in the Department of Art History and Archaeology here at the University of Missouri, Columbia. I am proudly starting my 4th year on the MU campus. To be specific, I am an Americanist art historian, which means that I primarily study and write about American art. Lately my interests have led me to write about the soldier in art during the First World War. During my time as a master’s student I was employed at Mizzou’s Museum of Art and Archaeology where I was given the privilege of working on the Faces of Warhol exhibition. For the past two years I have been a graduate teaching assistant for various courses on art history within my department.

This brings us to the current year—I have been given the exciting opportunity of acting as the inaugural Public Arts graduate assistant here at the Student Unions! As such, I will be working to expand the Unions’ holdings of fine art and historical objects while simultaneously planning exhibits to display said objects. The Student Unions’ art blog will be a place where I will chronicle our progress, alert you to upcoming exhibits, and provide you with (hopefully interesting) information about our new objects. Stay tuned!